T Rex Warehouse Boltless Rack Extra Shelve
T Rex Warehouse Boltless Rack Extra Shelve Warehouse Boltless Storage Rack  Boltless Rack Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Bukit Sentosa Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | T Rex Metalware Sdn Bhd 300mm(L) x 300mm(D) 300mm(L) x 450mm(D) 600mm(L) x 300mm(D) 600mm(L) x 450mm(D) 600mm(L) x 600mm(D) 900mm(L) x 300mm(D) 900mm(L) x 450mm(D) 900mm(L) x 600mm(D) 1200mm(L) x 300mm(D) 1200mm(L) x 450mm(D) 1200mm(L) x 600mm(D) 1500mm(L) x 300mm(D) 1500mm(L) x 450mm(D) 1500mm(L) x 600mm(D) 1800mm(L) x 300mm(D) 1800mm(L) x 450mm(D) 1800mm(L) x 600mm(D)
RM 10.00
1.300 KG
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T Rex Warehouse Boltless Rack Extra Shelve

Important Notice
*This Additional Shelve Only Available To Customers Who Purchase The Full Set Of T Rex Warehouse Boltless Rack*

Package Include
Short Beam x2
Long Beam x2
HDF Board x1
Centre Support  x1 / x2 ( Depend On The Size Of T Rex Warehouse Boltless Rack)

Size Available (Mixed and Match)
Length (L): 300mm, 600mm, 900mm ,1200mm, 1500mm & 1800mm
Depth (D): 300mm , 450mm & 600mm

*1200mm & 1500mm got 1 Centre Support and 1800mm got 2 Centre Support*

Are You Facing these problems now?
  • Not Enough Space To Store Items?
  • Not Satisfied With The Original Shelf Space?
  • Over Time and Accidents, Are The Accessories Damaged?
  • Feeling That There Are Not Enough Shelves On The Warehouse Boltless Rack To Store More Items?

Don't Worry!!! Our Shop Has Sold Extra Shelves To Solve Your Problem!!!Thank You Very Much For Your Support and Trust, We Will Always Provide The Best Customer Service To Solve Your Problem!!

  • 原本购买的的架子已经满了?
  • 随着时间和事故的发生,零件是否损坏了?
  • 对原来的货架空间感到不满意?
  • 感觉货架上没有足够的架子来存储更多物品?


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