Road to 11.11 - Household Furniture
Road to 11.11 - Household Furniture

Hello all! 

We will continue our 11.11 Lazada Campaign with the next category which is furniture. For your information, we at T REX sell a lot of different type of furnitures such as clothes hanger, kitchen rack, ironing board, chair , table and many more. So in this news, we will listed out top selling item for each type of furniture. 

Clothes Hanger Drying Rack - 2M Out Door 8 + 2 Bars Clothes Hanger Drying Rack  (Orange)

Kitchen Rack - 3V 3 Layer Kitchen Stove Rack

Chair - 3V Folding Chair With Cushion

Ironing Board - 3V 25mm High Quality Iron Board

Table - 2' x 4' Plastic & Melamine Folding Banquet Table

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Published : 3-Nov-2019

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